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CPY-48DC LED Canopy Style Light fixture

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The CPY-48DC LED Canopy Style Light fixture provides die-casting aluminum alloy heat sink and high shock proof polycarbonate refractor. Perfect for parking garages, gas stations warehouses and other locations. Meets UL Std. 2108 CSA Std. C22.2 NO. 260.0260 IP65


  • Heavy duty dies-cast aluminum construction.
  • Fully Sealed, impact proof, rust and corrosion proof.
  • IP65 Rated waterproof Protection.
  • Black polyester power-coated finish.
  • Stabilized to extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling.
  • New heat sink design to optimize thermal transfer for maximum performance and LED life.


Input Voltage: 48DC
Total Power: 40Watts
Light Output: 6400 Lumens
Power Factor: >0.90
Beam Angle: 120°
Color Temp: 6500K
CRI: >70
Op. Temp: -22°F to + 122°F
Life Span: 50,000 Hours
Size: 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” x 3 1/2”
Certification: UL924, CE & FCC
Warranty: 5 Years


  1. When ordering or requesting a Proposal, please indicate project.
  2. Please specify C or W when ordering.
  3. All fixtures are UL & CUL listed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Marshall DC Lighting
329 W Lone Cactus Drive Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85027



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