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DC ON/OFF Switch (24DC) Push Button Type

White or Black

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DC ON/OFF Switch (24DC) Push Button Type

Technical Information

Amperage: 3 Amps
Grounding: Self-Grounding
Voltage: 34 VAC/VDC
Flammability: UL94V-2
Operating Temp: -40C to 65C
Contacts: Silver-Alloy
Strap Material: Steel
Terminal Screws: Brass
Termination: Back or Side Wire
B/P Type Color: White
Toggle Type: Black or White
Function: Single Pole
Grade: Extra Heavy-Duty Industrial



Use both poles in parallel, by spitting the (+) wire into a Y connecting to the switch. Split each wire into one (1) of the two (2) poles (internal Contacts). Recombine (+) wires into a Y on the output of the Switch to the light fixture(s). The two (2) poles see half (1/2) the current entering the load. (See Installation Recommendation Schematic.)

Marshall DC Lighting 5350 East Deer Valley Road, Suite 4400, Phoenix, AZ 85054



Black, White

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