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Cence Power

(an innovator in DC Power distribution)

Cence hub inside
Cence DC transmitter
Cence sensor
Cence lighting diagram

Info and Applications



  • The Best Way To Power LED Lighting. Increase LED Lighting Efficiency and Extend Fixture Life with high and low-voltage DC lighting.


  • The Cence Telecom Power System. Reduce cable size and voltage drop.
  • The Perfect Telecom Power System. Cence HV is a fault-managed, DC power distribution system that’s ideal for telecom applications. These DC power distribution systems can provide up to 450V DC safely, and don’t require mechanical protection or breakers. Fault-managed power systems, like Cence HV, also provide suitable protection from fire and shock hazards and make use of light cable gauges.

Data Systems

  • Data Center Power System. Reliable & High-Voltage DC Power
  • We safely fulfill the increasingly high data center power demands with a reliable, high-voltage DC power system that makes more room for servers and cooling equipment.
  • The Power Of Fault-Managed: Data center architects have acknowledged high-voltage DC (direct current) power as the most efficient form of power distribution for data centers for a long time. However, standards and technological limitations hindered its adoption until now. Since the National Electrical Code (NEC) standardized fault-managed power systems with its Class 4 rating, Cence HV can serve data centers as a compact, plug-and-play power distribution system that safely provides high-voltages of DC power. Finally, both new and existing data centers can easily implement a reliable power distribution system that caters to their equipments’ DC power needs.

“DC Lighting – Empowering Grid Resiliency” TM