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Marshall DC Lighting Building

329 W Lone Cactus Dr., Ste 1, Phoenix AZ 85027
Phone: 602-777-0028


Marshall DC Lighting is leading the DC Evolution, helping organizations add sustainable value to their power infrastructure and microgrid projects with a wide offering of 24DC, 48DC & 125DC LED light fixtures and DC LED bulbs.  Our DC LED light fixtures conveniently “direct-connect” with renewable power sources, empowering grid resiliency and unlocking optimum security & power control with strategic load sharing possibilities. “DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2020)


Marshall first brought forth its technology and DC-powered lighting practices from Nextek Power Systems, in Detroit (see, a pioneer of DC-powered systems. Marshall became the new outlet for DC LED lighting fixtures.

Although the demand for incandescent bulbs, standard fluorescent tubes, and ballasts is quickly declining, there is still a growing demand for 48DC and 125DC power for emergency and back-up lighting. That’s why, when you need dependable lighting that never leaves you in the dark, you need the help of Marshall DC Lighting.


At Marshall DC Lighting, we got started by considering how the industrial lighting industry could innovate and find room to grow in productive direction. What we landed on was the commitment to providing you with direct current (DC) options that are modern, solar-powered systems that stay off the grid to provide your industry with reliable, consistent, and efficient sources of light from lighting fixtures and lamps.


Marshall is in the forefront of this new demand for LED, providing the new alternative: LED fluorescent tubes, spotlights, jelly-style, canister type, and replacement LED lamp fixtures are now manufactured with LED lamps, providing significantly longer life spans and making them incredibly more efficient than standard fluorescent lamps. The result is the opportunity to outfit your industry’s lighting systems with dependable fixtures that run much more efficiently when compared to the alternatives.

“If you are looking for a distributor specializing in DC LED lighting, check out Phoenix, Arizona-based Marshall DC Lighting.”
“I needed 10 48vdc 24 inch tubes.  They only had a couple in stock, but quickly got the remainder of my order and shipped expeditiously to me.  Re-wiring for direct connect instead of using a ballast was easy. Tubes work well.”
eco friendly light bulb
Louie G
Engineer - AT&T

“Empower Grid Resiliency with DC Lighting”