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Honoring the Top Voices in the Energy Central Community in 2023: Energy Management Network by Matt Chester

What energy/utility theme of 2023 has most inspired you to connect with your peers at Energy Central? 

[DM] “The growth of microgrids and distributed energy efficiency/optimization are inspirational industry themes that drive my interest in connecting with peers and contributing valuable information on the benefits of DC lighting as a key component of the DC power paradigm.”

Do you have a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ for interacting with your peers and partners in the industry?

[DM] “Next year I plan on practicing the ancient art of calling on the phone to interact with customers and peers.”

What has been a highlight of your year, personally or professionally?

[DM] “The highlight of my year professionally has been the recent onboarding of a new key member of our operations & business development team.”


“DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific NW National Lab)

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