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Unveiling the Benefits of DC Power Distribution

In the quest for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, Direct Current (DC) lighting combined with a DC power distribution system or hub brings a plethora of benefits and advantages over traditional Alternating Current (AC) lighting solutions…

Greater Efficiency

Adopting a DC power distribution system eliminates the need for constant AC-DC conversion, reducing energy wastage and resulting in more efficient lighting solutions.

Renewable Energy Integration

As the world shifts towards renewable energy, DC power distribution becomes an integral part of creating a more sustainable and eco-conscious lighting. DC power distribution systems offer seamless integration with various renewable energy technologies.

Solar panels, for example, produce DC power natively, and coupling them with low voltage DC lighting eliminates the need for costly and inefficient AC-DC conversions. This synergy results in a more sustainable and eco-conscious lighting solution, further reducing the carbon footprint of the building or facility.

Enhanced Safety

Lower DC voltage inherently reduces the risk of electrical shock, making it more suitable for both residential & commercial environments. Additionally, DC power distribution eliminates the risk of arc flashes, reducing the risk of electrical fires.  further enhancing overall safety of the system.

Class 2 Power

Low-voltage LED light fixtures (24DC to 48DC) with a Class 2 power system (up to 100W Output and 56VDC) is Class 2 rated, as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Class 2 systems do not require mechanically protected cable, or conduit.  

Flexibility & Scalability

DC power distribution systems offer greater flexibility and scalability in lighting setups. By centralizing the power distribution through a DC hub, it becomes easier to control the intensity and brightness of each lighting fixture independently., and the scalability of the system allows for future expansions without major overhauls, making it a future-proof investment.

“DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific NW National Lab)

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