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Three (3) “C” Benefits of DC Lighting that Drive Sustainable Value

DC lighting is recognized as the optimum direct load for renewable power output.  Because lighting accounts for approximately 50% of building power usage, “Direct-Coupling” DC lighting to renewables (solar, battery storage) unlocks grid resilient strategies to optimize lighting security, cost control, carbon reduction, and load management among multiple distributed energy sources.

Resultingly, DC lighting adds sustainable value to power infrastructures & microgrids by catalyzing grid resiliency and optimizing the value of renewables; the following summarizes three (3) Valuable “C” Benefits of DC lighting that drive sustainable value:



  • ”Direct-Coupling” DC lighting to renewables optimizes lighting load management among multiple distributed energy (DER) sources
  • Offset of conventional utility generation minimizes conventional power needs


  • Renewable lighting paradigm is fundamentally sustainable
  • “Direct-Coupling” DC lighting to renewables catalyzes Net Zero objectives


  • “Direct-Coupling” DC lighting to renewables (solar/battery storage) optimizes power cost by subrogating the electric load from the utility
  • DC-DC & low voltage reduces labor & material costs (i.e. AC inverters, conduit)

“DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific NW National Lab)

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