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DC Lighting – Value & Benefits

“DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2020)

Lighting loss caused utility power shutoffs, rolling blackouts, electrical equipment issues, and other environmental factors has generated increasing organizational safety and financial risks. These ever so prominent problems and growing risks continues expanding the need for reliable DC lighting solutions, especially for those facilities considered as “critical” to our municipal infrastructures. Electric utilities are spearheading incentive programs for renewables that list “critical” which essentially prioritizes renewable applications for various facilities that are ideal for coupling with DC lighting.

This video introduces you to the value and benefits of DC lighting for buildings, which is highlighted by growth in applications for utility substation facilities, including switchgear, control rooms, modular structures, as well as “critical” facilities. DC lighting conveniently “Direct-Connects” with renewable DC power sources, empowering grid resiliency and unlocking optimum security & power control with strategic load sharing possibilities.

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