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Empowering the Value of Renewables: DC Lighting is the Key Component of an Optimized DC Microgrid Solution

THERE ARE several factors driving local, regional, and national electricity distribution towards direct current (DC); the implications of DC lighting are enormous in the paradigm of building  power value, the growth of new and renewable technologies, and the positive economic, energy, and environmental impact it yields.  Here are the 10 top reasons why it makes sense…

  1. Empower Grid Resiliency – DC lighting seamlessly connects to renewable DC power sources. According to a Pacific North National Laboratory study, “DC lighting is key component of optimized DC microgrid solution”
  2. Risk Management – mitigate risk of lighting downtime from power failures
  3. Decrease Carbon Footprintreduce carbon emissions equal to the DC load offset, enabling zero energy building objectives
  4. Optimize Power Control & Costs – empower strategic load sharing options
  5. Convenience with Lamps & Bulbs – LED fixtures include DC LED lamps or bulbs, providing significant savings and convenience for installers and end-users
  6. Dependability & Stability – consistent, low noise
  7. Greater Efficiency – up to 15% more efficient 
  8. Decrease Costs – DC LEDs yield cooler operations,  reducing the potential building heat load, as well as offering higher efficiency and long lamp life  
  9. Expandability – add DC devices and systems to create a smart network
  10. Proven Technologies – many blue-chip companies and power utilities are currently using DC micro-grids
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Hi, I am designing a pv system that should provide enough power to iluminate my idnustrial facility. What is the main difference between 24VDC,48VDC and 125VDC if it comes to light efficiency? Which should i choose?