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Marshall DC Lighting

"DC Lighting: Illuminating the Future"

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We are the Leader in DC Light Fixtures & DC LED Light Bulbs

When the lights go out and battery backup kicks in, DC electric is the most efficient form of lighting. We provide DC fixtures and LED bulbs to suit all your needs…here are some of our applications!

“If you are looking for a distributor specializing in DC LED lighting, check out Phoenix, Arizona-based Marshall DC Lighting.”
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Marshall DC Lighting offers 12DC, 24DC, 48DC & 125DC LED light fixtures and DC LED bulbs. Our DC LED light fixtures conveniently “direct-connect” with renewable power sources, empowering grid resiliency and unlocking optimum security & power control with strategic load sharing possibilities. “DC Lighting is the Key to Optimized Microgrid Solutions” (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2020)

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The DC Lighting Advantage: DC Lighting is a most practical & impactful "Direct Load" for the output of renewable power sources, catalyzing optimum energy, economic & environmental benefits for microgrids and building power infrastructures.

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Optimizing the Value of Renewables: DC lighting adds sustainable value to building power infrastructures, empowering grid resiliency & optimizing the value of renewables.“Direct-Coupled” (DC-to-DC) with renewables (solar/battery storage), DC lighting unlocks optimized grid resilient strategies for lighting security, cost control, carbon reduction, and load sharing among renewable power sources.

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Maximize Return on Investment: As the primary load beneficiary of the power produced by renewables, a DC lighting grid directly accelerates the Return on Investment of the microgrid capital, yielding maximum load & cost management. Further, DC-to-DC propels increased efficiency and cost reduction over standard AC lighting for microgrid applications, eliminating the need for inverter hardware, and in many cases reduced conduit & labor.

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